Youth Group Kalash , Bumboret 24 December, 2014


This was the first of the sessions planned for Chitral, KP. The initial contact was made with Mr. Wazir Zada, a prominent Kalash activist and politician from Rumbur. However, when the NHDR team reached Chitral city on the evening of 23rd December, Wazir Zada could not be contacted. The team then contacted Mr. Luke Rehmat, another prominent Kalash social worker. He got the team in touch with Said Ahmed who facilitated this session in Bumboret. Bumboret was chosen because of its relative accessibility. However, gathering participants for the session proved to be more difficult. Most young females were away in Bashaleni, a retreat for expectant mothers and young females having their monthly cycles. The only young males present were those on leave from various educational institutions in Chitral and a couple of goatherds. In the end, Said Ahmed was able to gather 6 young men and 3 young women for the session. Although this was an ideal group size for a focus group, getting them to speak proved difficult. One possible reason for their reluctance was that they were wary of people from NGOs visiting them and holding discussions.




Arranged marriages led to difficulties. Therefore, it is now left to individuals to decide who to marry.” 

Male, 25, Kalash

There is only one science teacher in our school and there are too many students. It is really difficult for her to teach.” 

Female, 17, Kalash