NHDR prepares a Youth Declaration on increased youth civic engagement in Balochistan

2nd September 2015



A Conference on Youth Civic Engagement (Quetta, 2 September 2015) was jointly organised by the NHDR team, the Department of Youth, Environment and Sport of the Government of Balochistan, and the United Nations Volunteer (UNV) Programme. Prominent participants included the Governor of Balochistan, Muhammad Khan Achakzai, and the Mayor of Quetta, Dr Kaleemullah Kakar.

The Conference addressed potential causes for young people’s lack of civic engagement in Balochistan and recommended tangible policy solutions. The themes of ‘Social Participation’ and ‘Tolerance’ were discussed at length during two working group sessions. Facilitated by NHDR and UNV, the sessions identified key causes of limited youth civic engagement: low levels of social participation and the marginalization of young people based on their economic status and social standing.

The Conference yielded a “Youth Declaration”, which was submitted to the Government of Balochistan. This will inform discussions in the context of their forthcoming planning and policy sessions on youth