Government & Labor Department Consultation on Youth Employment Issues

UNDP, ILO and UNFPA jointly held a national consultation on “Youth Employment” on 16th June 2015. To discuss the current issues and constraints faced by youth in getting decent employment in Pakistan. The consultation was held under the auspices of the upcoming National Human Development Report for Pakistan. This consultation was part of the series of consultations and surveys carried out by a team of experts engaged to develop the upcoming National Human Development Report under the auspices of One-UN Programme-II (OP-II) ‘Delivering Results Together – Fund (DRT-F).

One million young people enter the labour force every year, but the economy is not absorbing them. Even the well-educated face challenges, given a lack of standardization and recognition of the quality of institutions. The challenge is not only to create more and good quality jobs, but a bigger challenge is to bring more people into the labor force to curb poverty and attain higher economic growth.

The participants coming from Government, Employers (Industries) and Workers (Trade Unions) expressed their views to strengthen the institutional arrangements for youth employment in Pakistan. Their valuable feedback was taken in consideration for the upcoming National Human Development Report.