University Group, Chitral 25th December, 2014


This was the last of the sessions planned for Chitral. Since the Campus was closed for winter vacations, most of the male participants were those who lived in the vicinity of the Campus. The female participants of the session came from a nearby private hostel, but they studied in the same university. Most of the participants studied subjects like Botany and Zoology. There were a few, all males, who said they were doing bachelors in English literature. The female participants said that they did not want to be photographed, but they had no issues with their views being recoded. Three of the five female participants eagerly participated in the discussion, the other two, however, did not say anything beyond giving their names, despite encouragement.



“It is high time that we start asking what we can do for Pakistan, instead of asking what Pakistan can do for us.” 

Female, 22 Chitral

“My father asked me to vote for a particular candidate in the last elections, but I voted for a candidate of my choice. This is something that should be left to us.” 

Male, 25 Chitral