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“Pakistan’s Youth Bulge: Boom or Bust?”

The  upcoming National Human Development report has youth as its thematic focus; to see what role is youth playing and can play in the human development of Pakistan.

Pakistan has almost 64% of its population below the age of 29 (and 31% between 15-29 years of age). It is imperative to invest in youth “now” as youth will not remain youth forever. The number of under-14’s will start to stagnate by 2035. The country stands at a critical juncture. It now has a unique opportunity to reap the benefits of a ‘youth dividend’ of untold potential. But it has only until 2050 to take advantage of this great wealth. Realizing this need the upcoming National Human Development Report (NHDR) , decided to focus this year on youth. To learn more please view our introductory video on the NHDR 2017 at the top of this page.

In relation to the report, UNDP Country Director, Marc-André Franche @MAFundp, and the NHDR’s lead authors, Dr Adil Najam @AdilNajam and Dr Faisal Bari @BariFaisal are looking forward to have conversation with you using twitter’s platform. This TwitterChat is yet another way to seek ideas and insights that will feed into the Report’s understanding of how the Youth of Pakistan can be enabled and empowered to contribute positively in enhancing the country’s human development.

So if you are on Twitter, please do join us for our #PKYouth TwitterChat, hosted by UNDP’s National Human Development Report Team @JawanPakistan in partnership with Newsweek @NewsweekPak, this Thursday 30/07/2015 at 10:30PM PST

The topic will be “Pakistan’s Youth Bulge: Boom or Bust?” and we will use the hashtag #PKYouth. The aim is to determine what Pakistanis think ought to be done today to ensure that our Youth Bulge results in a boom and not a bust. To discuss what sort of investments might be needed in education? In employment? In youth engagement? What can be done today to enhance the human development prospects of Pakistan?

We look forward to your valuable active participation this Thursday 30/07/2015 at 10:30PM PST.