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Mr. Nabeel Qadir – A Mutually Inclusive Model Of Entrepreneurship And Education

This paper aims to analyze and propose a mutually inclusive model of entrepreneurship & education that subsequently has a positive effect on the youth and its development in Pakistan

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Dr. Taimur Rahaman – The Internet, Youth and Education in Pakistan

 In the view of this paper, education planners and academics need to put far more thought into the   pedagogical potentialities of the Internet, especially in light of the challenges of developing  countries

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Ms. Niloufer Siddiqui – The Politics and Economics of Pakistan’s Youth

This paper assesses the extent to which Pakistani youth are politically engaged by examining their support of various political parties and political platforms. It also sheds light on the effect political sphere has on youth and it’s development.

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Dr. Moeed Yusuf – Radicalism Among Youth In Pakistan

The paper examines this space and argues that a prototypical analysis of the subject that examines lagging human development indicators to understand the state of radicalism among youth will be unable to fully explain the situation in Pakistan.

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Dr. Baela Jamil - Human Development and Youth in the Context of Educational Public Private Partnership in Pakistan

This paper explores the Public Private Partnership in Pakistan with reference to the perforated education system, citizenship issues and poor governance. It concludes that without sharing cost s and risks Public Private Partnership in Education may not turn out to be the panacea for the educational ills of Pakistan

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Dr. Ali Cheema - A Mutually Inclusive Model Of Entrepreneurship And Education

This paper shows that education and skills deficits among young adults present an important challenge in Pakistan, which is an acute problem in high poverty districts. It highlights that low educational attainment is not being offset by skills acquisition in this context, and the result is a large young adult population with low human capital.

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