The Menace of Unemployment

I stand here alone. At the edge of a busy road. While everyone drives off home after work, I stand quietly. I look up at the sky. It stares back blankly. It is as if God is giving me a reply, a reply to be patient and wait for good to come. I feel like screaming but nothing comes out. I am exhausted of waiting in lines, of answering a plethora of questions, of running from one organization to another. Despite having good qualifications, a respectable demeanor and a cheerful countenance, it seems I am not worthy enough of being a part of any good organization. What do you have to do around here in order to get a job? Surely, being qualified is not one of them.
Unemployment. One of the biggest problems that the youth faces. Despite being qualified, acquiring a stable job seems like a farfetched reality now. It almost seems that a good college degree holds no value anymore. What does get you a job, though, is strong contacts, bribery, corruption and malpractice. Mix that all together, add a dash of PR capabilities and there you have it, a flying career.
I dream of a world where favouritism does not exist. Where the contacts of the father or the wealth of an aristocrat do not create a monopoly of authority, authority that is misused and biased. How can someone acquiring employment through illicit means ever do justice to the role? How can someone who has begun on the premise of corruption, ever function with a fair set of rules and regulations? What training will such a person impart? What role model will he/she leave for future generations? The youth needs a set of genuine role models who they can look up to and a genuine set of practices which they can emulate. But the hurdles of corruption and other unfair means to get to the top are unfortunately all they can find now.
Hence, I stand here, trying to find the answer to all these questions that plague my mind. After every night comes day and so that leaves me hopeful that a day will come when corruption will eventually be defeated at the hands of justice.

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