School Students, Charsada, 22 December, 2014


This session with intermediate students in a private college in Charsadda was made possible through the kindness of the principal, Mr. Shehzaduddin. It appeared that he was very careful in selecting a very vocal group, most of them had participated in debates at school and college levels. In the first fifteen minutes of the discussion, Mr. Shehzaduddin and another teacher were present in the room; however, they were very tactfully led out by a member of the NHDR team, thus removing any inhibition the participants might have had in expressing their views in the presence of their teachers. The team felt that the introduction of the report focusing on engendering a discussion among youth, along with the actual report, was perhaps a better way of conveying its significance.

“An army soldier undergoes years of training, but a teacher is allowed to teach after a single test.”

Male, 17, Charsada

“Betterment in every field is connected to education. Education would lead to greater awareness, and we would be able to elect the right people and send them to assemblies.”

Male, 16, Charsada