School Students, Buni, Upper Chitral, 25 December, 2014


This session was initially planned with volunteers of the Ispru Youth Forum Chitral (IYFC), a youth advocacy group based in Buni, Upper Chitral. In the end, however, the participants included more volunteers who worked with various groups other than IYFC. Also, there were more female participants than expected, and they tended to be older, more educated, and more vocal than the male participants. Most of the male participants had to be encouraged to contribute to the discussion, while the females were very forthcoming with their views. The participants had no objection to being photographed, and the session being recorded.




“We usually expect the government to do such and such; we must realize that the government cannot take care of everything. Youth must take responsibility.” 

Female, 17, Chitral

“I want to start my own clothing line, but there is not much social acceptability for that kind of work.” 

Female, 24, Chitral