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“Some parents abandon their kids after giving birth, and then expect schools to take good care of their children”

25 Male


  1. This is a good enough to empower the youth of a nation because no Nations can reach its glory until its youth are not empowered or award. The UNDP’s program NHDR is a good and positive initiative for the development of youth, to carve out their grievances, and to engage them on three E’s. I like this effort a lot and always ready to take active part in such a great campaign / program.

  2. Dear brother
    I am from District Kohistan KPK Pakistan. in my district the issues of youth are uncountable. we are facing poverty, low literacy rate, lake of health facilities and unemployment. No particular NGO is working on these issues except Alif Ailaan. so we, the nation of kohistan, request you to come and raise our issues please.

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