National Human Development Report 2016

Our Focus

Pakistan’s upcoming National Human Development Report 2016 looks at the role of youth as a critical force for enhancing human development. With 64% of Pakistan’s population below the age of 30, the Report focuses on the significant opportunity for improving human development posed by investing in young people’s quality education, gainful employment, and meaningful engagement.

The forthcoming Report is truly country-owned. Its development has been guided by a high-level Advisory Council convened to provide strategic direction, oversee the Report’s preparation, and help advocate for priority in public policies following its publication. The Advisory Council comprises leading figures from across the political spectrum and academia (

Our primary intention is to ensure an NHDR that is ‘by the youth, for the youth’. The Report’s research and consultation phase has been carefully tailored to achieve this. Its formulation has been an intensely participatory process, spanning focus groups and consultations, one-on-one interviews, a national survey on youth perceptions, large-scale events, nine background papers by leading academics and practitioners, and a Youth Development Index. UNDP has conducted some 72 youth consultations with over 2,000 youths around the country, supplemented by extensive collaboration with UNVs to reach out to youth in rural areas – including via the Jawan Pakistan Razakar programme. The National Youth Perception Survey has further surveyed 7,000 young women and men from across Pakistan’s regions to ascertain youth’s aspirations, hopes and fears.

Our Approach

The report will draw on the following sources:


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