Bytes For All Consultation 1st September 2014


The NHDR team at UNDP held a consultation with a group of youth, aged between 15 to 29 years, to apprise them of the upcoming report and to obtain their input for a) the themes that are important to young people and b) the channels and means with which the NHDR team should engage with young people over the course of the consultation exercise.

Youth makes up a major population of the country and they are the future. Politics is having a negative impact on them. Basically it is their attitudes. They are becoming more aggressive day by day.

Female, 18 Years, Islamabad

Regional disparities and trends on Education, Employment and Engagement need to be carefully looked into. Why do youth make different choices? Or for that matter, why do they associate themselves with extremist groups. A Baloch living in Khuzdar and a Pathan living in Charsadda would have different social and political choices than someone in Punjab or Sindh. How do we stop that?

Male, 28 Years, Islamabad