Khwab Pakistan

“Youth is not a problem to be solved but a potential to be realized.”

Dr. Adil Najam

Lead Author , Pakistan National Human Development Report 2017

We are celebrating young people’s potential and their dreams for a prosperous Pakistan through our #KhwabPakistan Campaign.

Our aim is to kindle a sense of hope and optimism amongst young Pakistanis, to show that if some inspiring Pakistanis can achieve their dreams by going against all odds then anyone who puts in the hard work can do it as well.

As the Pakistan National Human Development Report 2017 believes that if young people are given the right opportunities in quality education, gainful employment and meaningful engagement, they can contribute towards a better future for Pakistan.

For our #KhwabPakistan campaign we selected some inspiring Pakistanis from all walks of life to showcase the diversity that exists across the country. These inspiring Pakistanis have gone against the odds to achieve their dreams.

We asked them a simple question “What is your dream for Pakistan?”

Hear what their dream for Pakistan is

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“If we are able to educate and train young people, we would have one amazing mass of human capital and a tremendous workforce at our disposal. Youth bulge, potentially, could be a ‘game changer’ for Pakistan.”

Dr. Faisal Bari

Lead Author , Pakistan National Human Development Report 2017