International Youth Day Conference on Youth Civic Engagement

Majority of Pakistan’s population is young. 64%, in fact, are under the ages of 30, and 31% are between 15 and 29 years of age. However, the majority are disempowered. Unsurprisingly, this has precipitated a marked increase in the sense of youth’s despondence and frustration with the state and the future of the country, ostensibly linked to socio-economic deprivation, unemployment, and a lack of opportunities.

It is imperative to dramatically change the situation on the ground and actively engage Pakistan’s young people. This will only be possible by investing in youth, particularly by increasing their active civic engagement in socio-economic and political affairs. Increased engagement of youth is essential for developing futures leaders of Pakistan and determining the faith of democracy in the country. It can reasonably be expected, that having more politically engaged youth now, leaves more probability of having more engaged leaders tomorrow to support democracy, in the future as well.

Only by engaging youth can we hope to counter the very real dangers of a possible ‘youth bomb’ – an unavoidable eventuality if the social context of disengagement, disempowerment, violence, and structural marginalisation is also not urgently addressed. The threat of continued socio-political exclusion would leave Pakistan with an overwhelmingly disengaged population and few potentially engaged future leaders.

This places immense responsibility in the hands of legislators and policymakers, development practitioners, and other stakeholders. It will be up to them to provide youth with a real chance, fostering an environment where youth from all walks of life have the opportunities, the capacities, and the willingness, to become part of the country’s socio-political sphere. They must ensure that youth not only become active members of society, through various community service programmes, but also take up their rightful place as central parts of the political process, both as voters and as candidates.

Thereby realizing the need and in light of the commitment to a common cause, the Young Parliamentarians Forum (YPF) and United Nations Development Programme have come together to celebrate International Youth Day 2015.

The conference will have three parallel session on Political Engagement, Social Engagement and Tolerance to discuss and analyze constraints and opportunities for civic engagement of youth in Pakistan and brainstorm potential solutions and policy recommendations

So If YOU and YOUR youth based organization feel they deserve to be invited and can contribute to the discussion then please answer the following questions in mentoned below and email it by 3 pm on the 9th of August.

Good Luck to all!

1. How actively are you engaged in socio-economic and political affairs of the country? (Please describe what are you currently doing and willing to do in future for the betterment of Pakistan)

2. How can you contribute by participating in the International Youth Day event of Youth Civic engagement?

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