Hindu Youth Peshawar, 21 December, 2014


The consultation with Hindu youth was the first of the sessions planned for KP. This session was made possible by Mr. Haroon Sarab Diyal, who is a known rights activist, not only in his own Hindu community but also in Christian and Sikh communities. Although he was quite self-conscious not to dominate the discussion, his presence significantly influenced the dynamics of the session, if not the views of the participants. Moreover, he personally knew all the participants, not to mention that his daughter and son were among the participants. All the participants lived in Peshawar, and represented a small section of the educated Hindu youth. Most of them had master degrees in subjects like commerce, business studies and natural sciences. Most of them were eager to participate, some, however, had to be encouraged to contribute to the discussion. The NHDR team felt that more careful thought needs to be invested in how the project and its outcomes are to be conveyed to the participants



We are Pakistanis. Being Hindu does not mean we are Indians. If there is an India-Pakistan cricket match, it should not be assumed that we would support India. If we were to support India, we would have lived in India.” 

Male, 21, Peshawar

It may be easy for those who ask us to convert to Islam, but it is not easy for us. How can we leave the religion of our ancestors? We respect all religions.”

Female, 17, Peshawar