Youth Data

This page provides data and research findings on youth developed through the NHDR team’s review of existing data sets and secondary sources.

Fertility in Central and South Asia

Posted on 24th March 2015

Pakistan and Tajakistan have the highest number of birth per women as compared to Bangladesh, Kyrgyz Republic and Nepal.

Reasons for Dropping Out of School

Posted on 26th February

Most of the males drop out of school because they are not interested in studying whereas most of the females drop out due to the costs attached to their studies.

Uneducated Working-age population

Posted 2nd February, 2015

Number of of educated working population has improved over the years in Pakistan

Access to Education: Current Situation vs Future Trends

Posted 2nd December , 2014

Who Makes Ever-Married Young Women’s Health Care Decision in Pakistan

Posted 11th November, 2014

Youth Unemployment Rates Among SAARC Countries

Posted 5th November, 2014

The story on youth unemployment in Pakistan looks good but how much do we understand the dynamics of underemployment, vulnerable employment and informal employment?

Time Use

Posted 21st October, 2014

Compared with their female counterparts, young men in Pakistan have more free time on their hands than young women.