Pakistan National Human Development Report 2017


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Human Development Reports

Human Development approach since its inception has served as the best method for articulating the objectives of development and improving people’s well-being. This approach is more about expanding the standard of human life, as compare to old approaches to development, that concentrated on improving the standard of economy only. Read More..



Our Focus

The upcoming Pakistan National Human Development Report 2017 looks at the role of youth as a critical force for enhancing human development. With 64% of Pakistan’s population below the age of 30, the Report focuses on the significant opportunity for improving human development… Read More..



Our Contributing Authors

The Pakistan NHDR’s contributing authors provide insightful analysis of the situation facing Pakistan’s youth. Key themes addressed include: education, radicalization, social media, employment, entrepreneurship, and political engagement. Read their papers by clicking here.

Thematic Focus

Youth is a diffuse and multifaceted cohort that can be approached through many lenses: demography, technology, social capital, life transitions, gender rights, labour force participation, etc. The countries that have produced NHDRs on youth have focused on these and other aspects, using different frameworks and structures. In contextualizing these within the particular realities and priorities of Pakistan, the Pakistan NHDR 2017 is structured around three key drivers of youth empowerment: Education, Employment, and Engagement.

Education and Knowledge Empowerment 

Education is the most important tool for enhancing capabilities, freedoms and choices among youth. This driver centres on all aspects and levels of education, training and skills development which are sorely needed to build knowledge and capacity socially.

Employment and Economic Empowerment

Youth unemployment is among the gravest challenges facing Pakistan today, just as entrepreneurship is poised as a fruitful new opportunity. This driver encompasses both these dimensions, alongside all forms of economic empowerment for the country’s youth.


Engagement and Social Empowerment

This is about voice, identity, inclusion and citizenship. It is the lens through which the Pakistan NHDR examines political participation, societal inclusion and exclusion, radicalization and marginalization, civic engagement and social attitudes.